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COVID-19 Waikato support services

Support services located across the Waikato region to help you and your whānau with the following:

Taha Tinana
Physical health including kai and medical access
Taha Hinengaro
Mental health and wellbeing
Taha Whānau
Social connectedness, whānau support
Taha Wairua
Spiritual wellbeing, feeling of connection
Physical environment, housing, heating, utilities, phyiscal resources, employment, education
Iwi Katoa
Access to society and information
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Is the vaccine live?

No. There is no virus been injected into your body; you cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine. The vaccine boosts immune memory by strengthening it.


… October - Topics include Monkeypox update, Hepatitis A update, Rheumatic fever medication authority, Rickettsia and new staff
September - Topics include hepatitis A, Mumps, Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust, notifiable diseases trends
August - Topics include COVID-19 update,  HPV vaccinations, notifications of hazardous substances disease and injury, notifiable diseases trends
July - Topics include Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora, COVID-19 Update, Monkeypox, Meningococcal and New Public Health Unit S…

COVID-19 vaccination information if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying for a baby

COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy

If you catch COVID-19 when you’re pregnant, you are more likely to become very unwell.
If you’re not vaccinated, you are more likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit. There are also increased risks for babies. Babies are five times more likely to be born prematurely and require neonatal intensive care. 
Data from the large number of pregnant people already vaccinated globally shows that there are no additional safety concerns with giving COVID-19 vacc…

Be COVID-Ready - practical things you can do now

Be COVID-Ready - practical things you can do now

Now that the highly infectious Omicron COVID – 19 variant has reached Aotearoa New Zealand, there are many positive cases in our community. Being ready for getting COVID-19 is about making sure you and your household have a plan and know what to do. This means your whānau and community can help each other if needed.

Omicron is circulating in our community - this means wearing a mask in indoor settings with people you don’t know, physical distanc…

Maternity care for COVID-19 positive women

Having COVID-19 can be a worrying time, especially if you are pregnant or have a new baby. It is important that you are prepared to isolate at home if you or someone in your house tests positive for Covid 19. See detail information about preparation here.

Does COVID-19 affect my pregnancy?

Being pregnant increases your chances of becoming more unwell with COVID 19 than if you were not pregnant. You are also more at risk of having a pregnancy complication such as a blood clot or high blood pres…


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