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Kaitiaki cultural support

... Afterhours

Kahutia Nikora
Children Development Centre

Alison Leota
Thames Hospital

Susan King
Taumarunui, Te Kuiti Hospital

Marama Holland
Tokoroa Hospital

Tumanako (William) Haumaha


If you have a complaint, stop, think, ask for complaint form, fill in, and be brief to the point, time, and detail how many persons involved, date, and your contact detail. Put in envelope provided and hand to staff or Kaitiaki.

Thank you your complaint helps us be better connected and better pro...

Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) Process

... quality assurance process developed by the New Zealand College of Midwives to reflect the partnership model of midwifery practice. MSR is a professional development process that supports midwives to reflect on their individual midwifery practice in a formal manner, with the assistance of specially educated reviewers. Midwives work with the reviewers to reflect on their midwifery practice and identify a professional development plan.
Midwifery Standards Review is designed to help the midwife to:...

Transparency statement

This transparency statement explains how we collect, use and share information gathered about members of the public or other entities (directly or indirectly) in accordance with the Information Gathering Model Standards.

Waikato District Health Board does not does not have any law enforcement, regulatory compliance responsibilities, and does not gather any information for these purposes.

The security of our staff, those in our care and our premises is managed in accordance with a number of pro...

Informed consent

... make decisions about procedures, medications and interventions that are recommended for you. In New Zealand there is a “Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights”. These are legal rights, one of them includes:  “The right to make an informed choice and give informed consent”

For further information about your legal rights when receiving a health or disability service go to

What is informed consent?Informed consent is the process of talking and asking questions un...

When you are referred

... specialist to see you or if they believe hospital treatment may be necessary.

If you meet the criteria for referral, you will be seen by a hospital doctor within four months.
If you do not meet the criteria for referral, the hospital service will inform you and the person who referred you, and may suggest other actions or treatments.
AssessmentIf your referral is accepted, you will receive a clinic appointment with a hospital doctor. Usually this means coming to the hospital or a clinic for a...

Breech presentation

... there a doctor or midwife available who is skilled in vaginal breech birth?
The doctor and your midwife will discuss with you the risks and benefits of either a vaginal birth or a planned caesarean section, dependent on your individual circumstances.

Information about ECVThe chance of successfully turning your baby with ECV is only around 50 per cent, but if successful it’s more likely your baby will be born by normal vaginal delivery, rather than a caesarean section.

An ECV is usually only...

Critical Care

... specialising in intensive care), registrars, nurse managers and registered nurses, nurse educators, allied health team, health care assistants, technicians, research team, and clerical support.

The service is supported by clinical resource nurses who form a Patient At Risk service which provides a critical care outreach service for patients transferred from critical care to the general hospital wards. They cover after hours and weekends, and work closely with after-hours medical teams. They re...

Induction of labour (IOL) at Waikato Hospital

... ward.

Before your induction starts, we will monitor your baby with a cardiotocograph (CTG), insert an IV line to administer fluids and medications as needed, and do blood tests to confirm your blood group, haemoglobin and platelet levels. All of this information helps us provide you with safe and appropriate care during your induction.

Induction methodsThere are a range of methods that may be used to induce labour, and you will move between areas of the women’s health service at Waikato Hosp...

Maternity care for COVID-19 positive women

Having COVID-19 can be a worrying time, especially if you are pregnant or have a new baby. It is important that you are prepared to isolate at home if you or someone in your house tests positive for Covid 19. See detail information about preparation here.

Does COVID-19 affect my pregnancy?

Being pregnant increases your chances of becoming more unwell with COVID 19 than if you were not pregnant. You are also more at risk of having a pregnancy complication such as a blood clot or high blood pres...