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... Hospital has been providing cytoreductive surgery with heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy since 2008.  To date, Waikato has treated over 200 patients, and the technique has been refined to a dedicated team of surgeons, anaesthetists, oncologists, theatre nursing staff, perfusion equipment and personnel, perioperative nursing care, dieticians and pathologists.  Waikato is one of 6 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand performing cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC, and are part of the ANZ Periton...

Your care plan and clinical notes

Your care plan sets out the aims for your treatment and recovery. It is developed by the nursing team with your input.
Your clinical notes are a record for clinical staff and relate to the details of your treatment, care plan, medications and any alerts like allergies. You may ask to view a copy of your clinical notes, but a senior staff member will check it first and will stay with you while you look at it in case you have any questions. You are not able to change anything in the notes yourself...

New Zealand registration boards and councils

New Zealand Audiological Society
NZ Dental & Oral Health Therapists Association
Dietitians Board
Medical Council of New Zealand
Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand
Medical Radiation Technologists Board
Midwifery Council of New Zealand
Nursing Council of New Zealand
Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand
Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand
Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand
New Zealand Psychologists Board
New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association

Recruitment to graduate programmes through ACE

We have multiple intakes throughout the year.

Early 2021 intakes

ACE opens
Interviews at Waikato
Graduate intake start dates

12 August 2020
Early October 2020
9 February 2021

15 March 2021

Mid-Year 2021 Intake

ACE opens
Interviews at Waikato
Graduate intake start dates

7 April 2021
Early June 2021
6 September 2021

Early 2022 intakes

ACE opens
Interviews at Waikato
Graduate intake start dates

12 August 2021
Early October 2021
TBC February 2022

TBC March 2022

Applications to Wa...

BCG vaccination assessment form

Information for health professionals
The Public Health Nursing service needs to receive a form from a GP or midwife to assess if the baby meets the criteria for a BCG vaccination.
The vaccine has not been available for several years but is available again from July 2018.

 Midwives should resume screening babies for referral to DHB BCG vaccination clinics.  

There is a set of infants who missed out during the period the vaccine was not available. The Ministry of Health has advised not to do a f...

Whose name goes on Pathlab form?

... either swabbed onsite, or referred to Pathlab to have their throat swabbed, the service should use their form with their GP name on it only.   
Midlands Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) swabbing programme

This includes the pharmacies, Pathlab sites and nursing staff at K’aute Pasifika Services and Asthma Waikato.
 If a patient drops into any of the services run under MidCPG, the MidCPG lab form is to be used, and the MidCPG patient data form is to be completed and faxed immediately to MidCPG....

What services are covered by the DHB contract for Age-related Residential Care?

The services covered by the subsidy (contracted care services) include:

Food services
Nursing and other care
General practitioner visits
Prescribed medication
Continence products
All health care that is prescribed by a general practitioner
Transport to health services.
The Age Related Residential Care contract with district health boards requires rest homes and hospitals to tailor services to meet the needs of each resident. They cannot charge subsidised residents for services that are...