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What financial support will I get?

... travel or accommodation allowance.
Costs if travel is 100kms and over -  Up to $1000 for actual costs of a 30 point paper. You need to request support for travel and accommodation on your application form. 
Waikato DHB employees

You need to complete a staff expense claim form for travel and accommodation.
Non-DHB/MOH funded services

You need to complete a reimbursement form for your expenses. This must be done at the end of your study.
The maximum amount that can be claimed for travel is $70...

Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health

... focusing on achieving personal, meaningful goals identified by the patient and their family
Allied Health
Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health directorate is the "home base” in terms of professional and management reporting for allied health staff at Waikato DHB.
Allied Health staff support many other services across the DHB as well as being an important part of the Older Persons and Rehabilitation service.
A separate service for older people with mental health conditions comes...

Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CCTVS)

... Vascular Surgery (CCTVS) team provides a combination of cardiac, thoracic and vascular procedures in the one speciality area. The team includes cardiologists, cardiothoracic consultants, vascular consultants, registrars and house officers, interns, and ward staff includes a clinical nurse manager, associate clinical nurse manager, nurse educator, nurses, health care assistants and reception staff.

Most major cases spend the first 24 hours in the High Dependency Unit or Intensive Care Unit foll...


Testimonials from health care support staff who have completed the Level 3 Certification offered through Waikato DHB.
Cheryl Tuck
Healthcare assistant
Tokoroa Hospital 

Julie Washington-Smith
Healthcare assistant
Waikato Hospital 

Phillip Clarke
Psychiatric assistant
Waikato Hospital


For someone who hesitated the first time round, lacked confidence in theory because of past experience in school and not understanding questions very well, I can truly say how proud I am. Not only in getting o...

Critical Care

... Waikato Hospital’s Meade Clinical Centre. The new area is near the Emergency Department, operating theatres and main hospital circulation routes.
It provides a healing and a supportive environment for patients and families, as well as ideal conditions for staff attending to patients.

The Critical Care team comprises intensivists (physicians specialising in intensive care), registrars, nurse managers and registered nurses, nurse educators, allied health team, health care assistants, technician...

Our vision, strategy and values

... health and care services.

A centre of excellence in learning, training, research, and innovation

Pae taumata

build close and enduring relationships with local, national and international education providers
attract doctors, nurses and allied health staff to the Waikato through high quality training and research
cultivate a culture of innovation, research, learning, and training across the organisation
foster a research environment that is responsive to the needs of our population.


Waikato primary birth facilities - Labour, birth and postnatal care during COVID-19 Level 3

... and your whānau and you may be apprehensive about giving birth when COVID is circulating in the community. Primary birth facilities are working very hard to ensure the birth centre environment is safe for you, your baby and support person as well as staff and other women and babies in their care.  This has meant changes to how things work in primary birth facilities.

When you go into labour  

All Waikato primary birth facilities are open for labour and birth care provided you do not have a hi...

Speech Language Therapy

... to individual needs
advice on the use of compensatory strategies, including the use of alternative and assistive technology (e.g., communication boards, electronic voice output devices, voice amplifiers).
education to patients, family members and care staff working with the person with communication and/ or swallowing difficulties
We provide a service to adults with communication or swallowing difficulties due to conditions such as:

Progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson&#...


... tertiary outpatient and inpatient services for the Waikato and the wider the Midland region.

The department includes 12 cardiologists, plus registrars and house officers, cardiac technicians, MRTs and echosonographers, specialist nursing and allied health staff, and clerical support. 

Cardiology is part of the Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CCTVS) service.

The main areas within Cardiology at Waikato Hospital are

Cardiac Care inpatient facilities - 6 acute cardiac care unit...

For doctors

... for PGY1, NZREX/IMG doctors, PGY2 and senior house officers (SHOs), year 3 and 4 house officers, non-training registrars, and research, teaching and leadership opportunities for senior medical officers (SMOs).

We offer:

excellent senior and junior teaching staff
protected training time
a wide range of tertiary and secondary specialties and community-based placements for prevocational doctors
research library

clinical skills training facilities including simulation training

well-connected ne...