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Corporate and Performance Support

Corporate, Infrastructure and Performance Support servicesWaikato DHB is a large organisation, with more than 6500 employees, many complex facilities and health services distributed over a wide geographical area, and managing funding of about $1.3 billion.

To support the organisation and its delivery of health services, Waikato DHB has a number of corporate, performance and infrastructure services, including:

Business & Support (including Biomedical Engineering and Attendants)
Change Manag...

Transit Lounge

The Transit Lounge is a purpose-built facility at Waikato Hospital for patients who are:

waiting to be transferred to another facility,
waiting to be picked up by family/friends
waiting for a prescription.
Nursing and healthcare assistant staff are on hand, and the area has comfortable facilities.

The Transit Lounge is located in the Hague Road Entrance Building on Level B3. This is the building you walk through from the Hague Road lifts into the Meade Clinical Centre. 

To pick up patients fr...

Resident doctors, RMOs and house officers

Grow your experience. Further your career. You’re welcome here. Don’t take our word for it!

Excellent senior and junior teaching staff.
Close links with Auckland University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
World-class research library, academic and clinical skills training facilities.
Wide range of specialties on one campus – loads of opportunities to learn procedures.
Good, affordable accommodation close to the hospital.
Enjoyable lifestyle – restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, sports...

Support people in labour

... your midwife if there is a student midwife available.

How many support people can you have?If you are birthing at home you can have as many or as few people there as you want – it’s your house.

At primary birthing centres or a rural birthing unit the staff might suggest you limit the number of people in the birthing room to just a few. 

If you are birthing in Waikato Hospital because you have pregnancy complications it can be tricky to manoeuvre equipment that might be needed around lots of...

Thames Hospital history

... Waikato District Health Board.

Celebration of 150 years (1868 - 2018)In November 2018 Thames Hospital celebrated 150 years since its opening in 1868. Celebrations included a programme of events from Friday 2 November to Sunday 4 November including a staff reunion and a church service, a series of lectures (James Mackay 2018 Lectures) that featured how the hospital has developed its patient care from its simple beginnings through to the specialised services and innovative technology of today, a...

Manaaki Raatonga aa Iwi (formerly iRS)

... Tangata whaiora to live well in their community by encouraging personal growth and developing skills in partnership with whaanau and the wider community. Our service has two sites, which are 107 Ohaupo Road, Melville and 232 River Road, Claudelands. Our staff include a mix of Occupational Therapy and Support Workers. We focus on individual re-covery goals which are supported by assessment. We also utilise community organisations such as the University Rec Centre Arts for Health and Agora Café e...

Step 2: Research approval processes

... grant or funding for the study, you will need to provide a budget.  The Research Office will provide further information on these requirements.  Please consider all resource requirements – including extra clinic appointments, or extended appointments, staff time, consumables, extra diagnostic tests (above normal standard of care).

Legal: If your study will require the DHB to sign an agreement, these will need to be reviewed by our legal team.  It is preferred that the NZACRes template agreeme...

Community Health Forums

... of centres across the Waikato. These forums are open to the public and are an opportunity for the DHB to hear from local consumers and social services on matters and activity of interest to the local community. Representatives from the DHB, including staff and DHB Commissioners are in attendance, and the DHB provides brief updates on key matters of interest to the community. This round includes an update on the proposed new health system. Come along and share your views and experiences of our h...

COVID-19 testing

... different travel reasons, so please check this carefully when making travel plans.

If you need immediate or urgent help, do not hesitate to seek medical care by calling 111 for an ambulance or going to your nearest hospital emergency department. Let staff know straight away that you’re concerned you may have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms and are concerned about your risk of COVID-19, please ring Healthline (0800 358 5453) first. They will tell you if...

During treatment

... day one checks are performed.
There may be a student present. The treatment team will check with you to ensure you are comfortable having them involved.
Treatment delivery
Once you are positioned correctly the Radiation Therapists will leave the room. Staff always watch you on closed circuit cameras and can communicate via an intercom system if necessary. We can hear you and see you at all times throughout your treatment. If you need assistance at any point through your treatment just wave your...