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... after breakfast and lunch, and at morning tea, afternoon tea and supper time.

A standard meal will be sent to you until you are able to select your own choices on the menu provided each day.
If you need assistance at meal times, please ask the ward staff.
If you need a special diet, please ask your nurse or midwife to contact the clinical dietitian for your ward.

Accessing your personal information/clinical record

... personal information it will be checked to make sure that confidential information remains confidential and that other people's privacy is protected.
Requests must be made in writing, preferably using the Request for Patient Information Form.
Our staff must offer you reasonable help with making the request, including how you can meet the personal identification requirements.

Pathway Clinic

... referral pathway within Child Development Centre and/or out into the community.

Referrals to Pathway can be internal or external.

There are two types of Pathway Clinic:

School-age (for children 5-8 years). 

The Pathway Clinic is run by senior staff, who interview caregivers, undertake a developmental screen and, depending on their findings, refer on to further services within Child Development Centre and/or to early intervention and other community services.
A Pathway Clinic appoi...

What sort of time commitment do I have to make?

Most of our positions require a weekly rostered time commitment of three to four hours. The majority of our positions are Mon-Fri and within the hours of 8.30am – 4pm.

Patients, families, visitors and staff must be able to depend on volunteers so we ask for a minimum commitment of at least three months.

Volunteers are asked to volunteer for no more than 16 hours a week. Most volunteers gift four hours of their time once or twice a week.

Volunteers usually take a three to four week break over...

Resources for patients

Jabber Guest – Patient guidesJabber guest is the app required to have a virtual consultation. Follow the instructions in these guides to access the Jabber Guest app on various mobile devices and internet browsers.

Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Android
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Chrome
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Internet Explorer
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions iPhone iPad
Webex – Patient guides
Webex Meetings - Patient smart device
Webex Meetings - Patient web browser

Having a planned c-section at Waikato Hospital

... is a very important time for you and your whanau and you may be apprehensive about giving birth at this time. We are working very hard to ensure the c-section (caesarean) theatre environment is safe for you, your baby and support person as well as our staff and other patients.  For us to do this we have made some changes to how things work for planned c-sections.

Support people
You are welcome to bring one support person with you in theatre. If you have other children at home you can arrange f...


Telehealth is the term for the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location.

To be effective, telehealth relies on fast broadband internet services. Telehealth enables health professionals to diagnose illnesses and provide treatment without being in the room with the patient. Health care-related education, research and evaluation can also take place remotely. Telehealth has many benefits including...

During your hospital stay

COVID-19: Visitor policy back to normal in Alert Level 1
Click here for more informationOur aim is to give you excellent care and support while you are here. Our staff will explain what is happening each step of the way. Please ask us if you have concerns or don’t understand something. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Children's ear clinic

... the ear nurse for advice on: glue ear assessment and management, wax/foreign body removal, grommet checks, treatment of discharging ears.

Please note clinics may be cancelled without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Clinic will be closed for staff breaks. These will be noted on clinic door

After treatment

The effects of radiation treatment accumulates which means your side effects may get worse for up to two weeks after your course of treatment is complete. After this point, they should gradually subside.

Staff will educate you about continued management of these side effects in your final few days of radiation treatment.

Follow-up appointment
Once you have completed radiation therapy treatment you will be given a follow-up appointment with your Radiation Oncologist/Registrar.
The appointment m...