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Waikato Postgraduate Medicine Inc. (WPGMI)

... continuing medical education and programmes are endorsed with CME accreditation, when appropriate.

Any medical graduate may become a member of the Society.  There are approximately 500 members including general practitioners and Waikato DHB medical staff

WPGMI administration organises, manages and runs programmes, seminars and workshops.  Most of these events are held at the Bryant Education Centre on the Waikato Hospital Campus in Hamilton. 

The programme includes the weekly Waikato Hospi...

Induction of labour (IOL) at Waikato Hospital

... may be used to induce labour, and you will move between areas of the women’s health service at Waikato Hospital as things progress. The process for you will depend on your individual care plan, medical needs and the availability of delivery suite and staff

Cervical ripening Cervical ripening involves the softening and opening your cervix before induction of labour. Depending on your needs, cervical ripening can be medical (using a synthetic hormone gel called prostaglandin) or mechanical (us...

Emergency response plans

At times Waikato District Health Board staff have to manage emergency situations or crises. These can include:

acute clinical episodes, such as a cardiac arrest
environmental hazards, such as a hazardous substance spill
breaches of security
bomb threats
utility failure
industrial action
an unexpected influx of acutely ill patients (such as a multi-casualty incident or public health emergency).
Depending on the event, this type of incident can have a major impact on one part of the hospital...

Specialist Eating Disorders (SEDS)

... group and families),
consultation / shared care with community and inpatient teams (medical and psychiatric) 
for clients of all ages and throughout the Waikato DHB health district.

We also offer consultation, training and supervision for Waikato DHB staff and community services working with clients with eating disorders.

Key personnelLynne Blake
Clinical Leader

LocationAdult Mental Health & Addictions Services
193 London St, Hamilton

ContactPhone: 07 834 6902
Fax: 07 834 6900

Send a free e-card

... much information as you can about the patient you wish to contact.
Messages will be processed and forwarded to the appropriate ward, service or department as soon as possible; usually by the next morning.
Your message will need to be read by Waikato DHB staff to determine where it should be forwarded to.

Midland Trauma System

The Midland Trauma System (MTS) puts the needs of the patient first. It is a network of specialised, clinical personnel committed to ensuring application of best practice in trauma care across the Midland Region.

Clinical staff members perform clinical risk assessment and mitigation, collect trauma data, and facilitate local trauma committees to enable quality improvement initiatives. The hub group based at Waikato DHB manages the regional database, develops and manages clinical guidelines and...

Can I take photos?

... protect our patients’ privacy, as well as their health. Please help us.

Ask for permission to take photosOnly take photographs if the patient, or their legal guardian, says you can. Please don’t take pictures, videos or make audio recordings of our staff unless they say it is okay. You may not take photos or videos of other patients and visitors. This includes general shots of wards, waiting rooms, corridors, cafe areas etc where other people are. 

Think before you uploadDo not post photos or...

ACLS core skills courses

(Previously known as ACLS Refresher Courses no-assessed)

These courses are delivered by qualified and experienced NZRC instructors who are practicing medical, paramedical and nursing staff from Waikato Hospital and the Waikato Skills and simulation Centre.  For GPs requiring CME accreditation for AVE and MOPS these courses are endorsed for 8 CME Credits.  They are non-assessed and meet the RNZCGP three yearly refresher requirements for GPs. 

Courses start at 5pm and finish at 10pm. Pre-registr...

What is a mammogram?

... or felt. In most cases the changes will not be cancer.

At your appointment, you will be asked to fill in a form. You will remove your upper clothing in a private changing area, and put on a wrap ready for the x-ray.

In the x-ray room, an experienced staff member will show you where to place each breast, one at a time, on or against the x-ray plate.

To get a high quality x-ray, your breast must be made flatter. This is done by the x-ray machine firmly but gently squeezing your breast between...