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I don’t have symptoms but I believe I have been in contact with someone who has, can I get tested?

... done in people who do not have symptoms. A medical professional either at Healthline or at the centre can determine whether you need testing, based on the information you provide. Only attend the centre if you have symptoms.

For general guidance on COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has good information and resources for you to stay safe:

May 2020

Summary of Consumer Council Meeting - May 2020

This month Dr Kevin Snee, Chief Executive Waikato DHB attended and updated the Council on matters around Covid 19 and the impact on patients and the services provided.  

Also attending was the Acting GM Strategy and Funding who provided an update on services and works happening around the hospital and the Waikato area. 

An update was provided on the rebuild of the Waikato DHB Mental Health and Addictions inpatient unit.  Patient and whānau engag...

How do I lead my remote team?

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COVID-19 assessment and testing

... immediate or urgent help, do not hesitate to seek medical care by calling 111 for an ambulance or attending your nearest hospital emergency department. Let staff know as soon as possible that you are concerned that you may have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms and are concerned about your risk of COVID-19 please ring Healthline (0800 358 5453) - they will tell you if a swab is needed and what to do next.

All GPs are able to provide assessmen...

How is swabbing done?

You will be greeted by healthcare staff wearing personal protective equipment.

At the drive-thru/walk-thru centre, you will be asked COVID-19 screening questions to work out if a swab is needed (this can be done over the phone by Healthline). A swab may be done in a dedicated testing space by staff or from inside your car.

If you visit your General Practitioner, they may be operating slightly differently and be using green / yellow / red zones to streamline and manage people with or without re...

June 2020

Summary of Consumer Council Meeting - June 2020

With the Director of Communications attending the hui updates were provided around the shifting to the recovery phase of Covid 19 and the channels of communication that have now been set in place.  There are means in place to ensure the community are updated the resumption of services.

The Consumer Council are looking to increase their profile within the community so there is an awareness of what they do and how the community can be involved.


Annual planning and reporting cycle

... April 2020 allowed Ministers to extend the time for meeting planning requirements that apply under the Crown Entities Act 2004 (DHB Statements of Intent (SOI) /Statements of Performance Expectations (SPE)) by up to three months due to the impacts of Covid-19.  The Minister of Health has invoked this power granting an extension for DHBs to prepare and publish a  SOI/SPE for 2020/21.  The reason the extension has been granted is to reflect the revised timelines agreed for finalising 2020/21 DHB a...

Online Hapū Wānanga

... Kaupapa Māori pregnancy and parenting course. Our Wānanga are facilitated by Midwives. Our aim is to provide you with quality information so that you can make quality informed choices. We are following all necessary precautions to keep whānau safe from Covid-19.

Covid-19 Alert level 1
Maintain hand hygiene, social distancing and groups no larger than 50

Covid-19 Alert level 2 – 4
Online Hapu Wananga ONLY. Venues are closed

How much does Hapū Wānanga cost?Nothing, it’s FREE! We also provide m...

Let's talk rural wellbeing - Welcome to our Fieldays stand

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on how we interact with others, go about our lives, our work, study and many other aspects of our lives. The combination of stress and uncertainty can have significant and wide-reaching impacts on the mental wellbeing of all people in New Zealand.

Information and tools to support your mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 response are available on the Ministry of Health Website: