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Allied Health research

Allied Health research projects are coordinated through RARE – Waikato DHB’s Rehabilitation and Allied Health Research and Education centre. Waikato DHB Allied Health also offers a wide range of education and professional development opportunities.

Respiratory Research & Gastroenterology Research Unit

RespiratoryThe Respiratory research team consists of two consultants, at least one research fellow, two study coordinators/research nurses, and one administrative assistant.

We currently have a variety of studies in progress for a range of medical conditions including:

Influenza A
Alph1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Colistridium Difficle
Community Acquired Pneumonia
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GastroenterologyThe Gastro research team consists of two consultants, one rese...

Step 4: Ongoing requirements

It is a requirement of Locality Authorisation that for all HDEC reviewed research, Waikato District Health Board ( is authorised to receive email notifications from the HDEC online application system. 

Once all relevant approvals and documentation has been received by the Research Office an email indicating approval to commence research activities will be sent to the primary contact, and Locality Approval will be signed off on-line at HDEC (if applicable).

Rehabilitation and Allied Health Research and Education Centre (RARE)

Waikato DHB's Rehabilitation and Allied Health Research and Education Centre (RARE) strengthens the evidence base of Allied Health practice through:

undertaking, mentoring and facilitating clinical research projects
promoting a research culture
supporting allied health education and leadership at Waikato DHB.  
Key activities

Facilitating and conducting research projects within Allied Health (details of current research)
Promoting research amongst  allied health clinicians and the broade...



Type of grant


Cancer Research Trust

Professional Development

Professional Development Awards Round 2
Professional Development Event Application

1 September 2020

Cancer Research Trust

Research Project Grant

Research Project Grant
Special Purpose Grants

1 September 2020

Neurological Foundation of NZ

Project Grants & Small Project Grants

1 September 2020

Terms of Reference

Committee nameResearch Advisory Group (RAG) for the Waikato DHB Region

BackgroundWaikato DHB recently published its updated Vision and Strategy. One arm of the strategy is A centre of excellence in learning, training, research and innovation / Pae taumata
The four priorities for this strategic imperative are:

Build close and enduring relationships with local, national, and international education providers
Attract doctors, nurses, and allied health staff to the Waikato through high quality tra...

Research funding and grants

... funders, the grants they administer and closing dates for applications. Further detail on each of these is available by following the link in the ‘Further Information’ column.

PLEASE NOTE: Some grant applications (such as HRC, Heart Foundation) require Research Office approval before submission – this is all done on-line on their systems. But please allow time for the research office to be able to review the submission, and approve it!

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