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What financial support will I get?

Financial support is offered to students who work 0.6 and upwards. Those with higher FTE are prioritized.

Paper Costs
The full cost of your paper will be paid for successful applicants.
If you receive a reminder that your fees have not been paid please contact the Professional Development Unit coordinator straight away.
Travel and Accommodation
Costs if travel is under 100kms - No travel or accommodation allowance.
Costs if travel is 100kms and over -  Up to $1000 for actual costs of a 30 point...

Memory Service

Memory ServiceThe Memory Service is a non-acute specialist diagnostic, treatment and support service for tanagata whaiora experiencing complex and unexplained progressive changes in their cognition such as memory. The team includes Psychogeriatricians, Clinical psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Community Mental Health Nurse and Social Worker.

We offer?

Expert clinical diagnosis
A thorough and sensitive assessment
Information on appropriate treatment options
Post diagnosis education, supp...

Step 2: Research approval processes

Ethics approval: Proceed with relevant Health & Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) or Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) approval process, where required. 

Peer review: It is the researcher’s responsibility to ensure scientific validity of the project through peer review, prior to submission to HDEC. This review may be documented using the HDEC template on their website, which outlines the evidence HDEC needs to see before giving approval. 

Other acceptable processes include peer revie...

Waikato DHB services during COVID-19

To help protect patients, staff and the community at this time we are making some important changes to how our facilities operate.

Acute and urgent care will continue to be delivered as normal, as well as time critical procedures and clinic appointments.

If you had a surgery date or a clinic appointment that was postponed or changed to a virtual consultation you will have been contacted directly to inform you of this.

If you haven’t been contacted and y...

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Main areas of research

The Cardiothoracic research team has the ambitious mission to conduct world-leading innovative translational research to improve the care of patients in New Zealand with cardiopulmonary disease.

The team plans to conduct research that improves care and outcomes for patients; reduces risk and complexity for surgeons; is needs responsive and tackles under-represented areas, such as aortic disease and rheumatic heart disease.

They are keen to work with different research d...


Testimonials from health care support staff who have completed the Level 3 Certification offered through Waikato DHB.
Cheryl Tuck
Healthcare assistant
Tokoroa Hospital 

Julie Washington-Smith
Healthcare assistant
Waikato Hospital 

Phillip Clarke
Psychiatric assistant
Waikato Hospital


For someone who hesitated the first time round, lacked confidence in theory because of past experience in school and not understanding questions very well, I can truly say how proud I am. Not only in getting o...

Information for patients

Cytoreductive surgery with heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy is offered to patients with disease localised within the peritoneal cavity.  The primary site of origin could include the appendix, colon or rectum, ovary or malignant mesothelioma.

The peritoneal cavity is a space within the abdomen that is typically insufflated when one has a laparoscopy.  The peritoneum is a layer of tissue which covers the underside of the abdominal wall, diaphragm and coats the organs.  Disease within the perit...

Waikato Regional Diabetes Service

Waikato Regional Diabetes ServiceThe Waikato Regional Diabetes Service provides comprehensive diabetes care, education and support to people and their whānau who are living with diabetes and require specialist input. Our specialist care is focused on supporting people over the age of 15 who have;

Difficult to control / rare forms of Diabetes such as;

Type 1 diabetes
Diabetes due to pancreatectomy / other pancreatic dysfunction
Monogenic forms of diabetes
Diabetes treated with insulin and compl...

Keeping well for pregnant women and new mums during COVID-19

Keep attending your health care appointments and accessing health care when you need it

It is important for you to have your antenatal and postnatal checks with your midwife now we are in the traffic light system your Midwifery care should follow the same schedule as before covid. Talk to you midwife about how this will happen.
If you have a scan booked, it is safe for you to attend - COVID precautions are in place in all ultrasound facilities and in the hospital.
If you have a hospital antenat...

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Hamilton Sexual Health is a free-to-all and confidential specialist service for people living in the Waikato.

Providing non-judging compassionate care is our core value: we know STI & HIV-related stigma and shame strongly predict harm and our aim is to make it easier for you to get help.

We provide care around STIs, HIV and a range of other sexual health issues as well as gender-affirming care. We have close links with Waikato Hospital’s infectious disease team around the ma...