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First year house officers and NZREX doctors

Kia ora. You’re welcome at our house. We’d like it to become your home.

Why make Waikato DHB your preferred choice?We offer

A tertiary and teaching hospital with an excellent reputation.
Extensive range of services – so you are exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences.
Comprehensive orientation.
A leading edge clinical skills centre on the campus.
Support and guidance from our helpful RMO Unit.
The opportunity to grow into a career of your choice – as generalist or specialised as you...

Visiting rules and tips

COVID-19: Restricted visiting for all Waikato DHB Hospitals 
Waikato District Health Board welcomes whānau and acknowledges the important role they play in supporting patients staying in hospital or coming for an appointment.

To help keep our patients, staff and community safe we are continuing to restrict visitors at our sites.

The purpose of our policy is to reduce risk of infection in our hospitals and to keep our most vulnerable people safe. Surgical masks must be worn at all times at all...

Update - 21 December 2021

Waikato DHB hospital services have returned to full functionality following the cyber security incident which affected our systems in May 2021.

We thank our people, the community we support, and our partners and regulators for their support, patience, and understanding while working through backlogs and recovering from the incident.

Waikato DHB also wants to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise to the Waikato community for the added stress this incident caused during a challenging tim...

Coping with grazes, tears and stitches

During childbirth there can be trauma to your vagina and perineum (the area between your vagina and anus), including bruising, swelling, superficial grazes, minor or major lacerations (tears), or episiotomies.

Here are some tips on how to cope with and recover from a painful perineum.

Types of tearsThere are four degrees of tears.

First degree - perineal laceration extending through the vaginal wall and perineal skin.
Second degree - extending into the perineal muscles.
Third degree - inv...

Registered Health Professional Leadership Development programme (Pebbles)

Introduced in 2007, the Pebbles programme is a professional development programme for clinically-based registered health professionals provided by the Waikato DHB. Open to health professionals working within the DHB or contracted services. It introduces purposeful development strategies for health professionals to extend clinical leadership expertise and/or prepare for senior roles. The programme recognises and builds on the contribution health professionals make in the provision of safe, effect...

Nursing & Midwifery Education Fund

The Nursing and Midwifery Education Fund provides fair and equitable access to education for all nursing / midwifery staff at Waikato DHB.

What is the Nursing and Midwifery Education Fund?
The Nursing and Midwifery Education & Development Fund was established in 1999. The fund continues to be part of the NZNO MECA. It comprises of fees generated from a series of student practice placement agreements and the funds negotiated as part of the NZNO MECA (1999)

Who is eligible for funding?

For staff

 OurKaimahiEmployee self service (payslip, personal details)

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Emergency response plans DERP template, campu...

Influenza in the Waikato

As people in Aotearoa emerge from their bubbles, there’s a much bigger chance of catching the flu (influenza).

Pandemic measures like mask wearing and hand hygiene mean we've had very little influenza circulating in New Zealand for the past two years, so community immunity is lower than usual. And, with international borders opening, we’ll see new strains of flu spreading in our communities.

Getting a flu jab is your best defence from the flu this winter. They’re available now and are fre...

Update - 28 October 2021

Waikato DHB’s information systems were affected by a cyber security incident on Tuesday, 18 May 2021. This incident affected services at Waikato, Te Kuiti, Taumarunui, Thames and Tokoroa hospitals and our community-based services.

While we continue to receive support from expert cyber security professionals, we wanted to provide an update on progress since our last statement was published on our website.

Waikato DHB also wants to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise to the Waikato commu...

House officers and registrars

Looking for top quality teaching, research opportunities and good support?

Waikato Hospital is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary teaching hospitals with a full range of sub-specialties on one campus. 

You are at the stage where you want to: 

practice your skills
extend your knowledge
and build a strong foundation for your career.
You can do it hereWe offer professional and personal support for Year 2, 3 and 4 house officers and registrars including:

a full programme of clinical educ...