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Getting a good sleep - tips for a healthy sleep routine

Establish a regular get-up time, whether it is a working day or weekend, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before. Lie-ins and naps during the day only make it harder to establish good sleeping patterns.
If you can't get to sleep or can't get back to sleep, get up and do something purposeful but boring, e.g. washing some dishes, tidying a table, reading a chapter of a boring book, and then clean your teeth and go back to bed.
Don't check the time, it only makes you mo...

Māori consultation

The Māori Health Service - Te Puna Oranga of the Waikato DHB is responsible for providing Māori consultation for researchers.

The research committee considers the following issues to be important when undertaking research involving or regarding Māori:

the values and tikanga inherent in whānau, hapū and iwi
the need for a process that is culturally safe and supportive
the need to protect whakapapa
the need to protect individual and informed choice.
It is important that the Treaty of Waitangi pr...

Child Development Centre

Child Development Centre is in a building at 222 Pembroke Street, across the road from Waikato Hospital's Emergency Department.  It shares the building with the Artifical Limb Centre.

There are a very small number of parking spaces close to the centre, but these are for people with disabilities (please advise us in advance of your appointment so we can try to ensure a park if available). The Pembroke Street Carpark Building is just up the road from the centre, on the same side.  Otherwise...

Maternity Day Assessment Unit

Maternity Day Assessment Unit provides ongoing fetal and/or maternal monitoring and surveillance by a midwife, as an outpatient clinic service for women. It is located in Level B3 of the Elizabeth Rothwell Building at Waikato Hospital, and is managed as part of Waikato DHB's Women's Health Clinics. 

There is a drive-through lane from Pembroke Street that passes the main Level B2 entrance to Elizabeth Rothwell, then turns the corner and drops down to the Level B3 entrance to Maternity...

Women's Health Clinics

Women's Health Clinics are on Level B3 of Elizabeth Rothwell Building at Waikato Hospital. There is a drive-through lane from Pembroke Street that goes past the main Level B2 entrance to Elizabeth Rothwell Building, turns the corner and drops down to the entrance to Women's Health Clinics on Level B3 before exiting on Selwyn Street. Refer to the Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus Map. There is limited disability parking outside the B3 entrance. Please do not block the lane - it is for drop...

Philomena Margaret McCormack

Philomena Margaret McCormack
Charge Nurse Manager - Medi E8

“I love working here because it’s the opportunities that Waikato Hospital and the District Health Board have provided me.

It is these opportunities and guidance from my senior peers who have not only believed in me but supported me to grow and develop and lead me into the pathway of leadership and management as a charge nurse manager. I feel that the DHB has provided me with some excellent resources to help support my transition into...


Asbestos is the name used for a group of natural minerals that are made up of many small fibres. In the past, the properties of asbestos made it popular for things, such as:

asbestos-cement cladding and roofing
backing material for floor tiles and vinyl sheets
insulation board for thermal protection (e.g. around fireplaces)
textured ceilings and sprayed-on wall surfaces.
Products and appliances with asbestos content may still be around, particularly in homes built before 1984.

Asbestos is a ri...

Side effects

Radiation Therapy can cause various side effects to the area of the body being treated. Some of these are short-term and may only occur during treatment and for a short time after treatment finishes. Others may be more long-term.

It is important to remember that because everyone is different their reaction to treatment differs too. Your Radiation Oncologist will discuss possible side effects with you before your treatment starts and see you regularly while you are on treatment to ensure you are...

Advance Care Planning for Waikato health professionals

Summary of my advance care plan - a simplified version of the national ACP booklet
ACP process – local guidance on completing an ACP with consumers
These documents have been developed by Waikato DHB and the Midland Regional ACP Facilitators Group to assist health professionals and patients when considering and answering the main questions of ACP.

HQSC website page for health care professionals and staff on Advance Care Planning contains links to or information on:

e-learning modules (Waikato D...

For nurses

Waikato DHB has one of the most diverse nursing workforces in New Zealand, covering acute and specialty nursing, community-based and district nursing, nursing in a secondary hospital at Thames and rural hospitals in Tokoroa, Te Kuiti and Taumaruni, as well as public health nurses.

The size and diversity of Waikato DHB’s nursing workforce provides great opportunities to:

develop skills and be supervised by highly experienced nurses
work alongside and in collaboration with nursing colleagues who...