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Aged residential care and community care

Inspiring People is a website is for gerontology nurses, registered and enrolled nurses practicing in the aged residential care (ARRC) and aged community care sector.

It promotes information sharing, collaboration and support across the aged care sector in the Waikato District Health Board region.
It covers resources, education, quality and news/events.
It is managed by Julie Daltrey, Waikato DHB nurse practitioner (Older adult), and Kate Yeo, associate director of Nursing: Virtual Health and O…

What age group is offered cervical screening?

Women aged 25 to 70 years.

From November 2019, the National Cervical Screening Programme changed the starting age from 20 years of age to 25 years of age. This is because screening women aged 20 to 24 has shown to be ineffective at preventing cervical cancer, whereas there has been significant reductions in both cancer incidence and mortality for women older than 25 years of age. The HPV vaccination programme (for all females and males aged 9 to 26 years) is proving to be a more effective preve…


Get immunised 
Are you and your whānau up-to-date with all your vaccinations?

Getting immunised is the best way to protect yourself, your whānau and community from catching and spreading these serious diseases. Immunisation uses the body’s natural defence mechanism, the immune response, to build resistance to specific infections.

Protect the ones you love so they can keep doing what they love
Get your Flu jab before winter arrives. It’s free for anyone aged 65+, Māori and Pasifika 55+, as well…

Our services

Waikato DHB receives funding from government to undertake its functions.  

About 60 per cent of funding received by Waikato DHB is used to directly provide hospital and health services, including:

five hospital sites including a tertiary teaching hospital (Waikato Hospital in Hamilton), a secondary hospital in Thames, and three rural hospitals in Tokoroa, Te Kuiti and Taumarunui
two continuing care facilities
one mental health inpatient facility
community based services
public health services.…

Occupational Therapy services

Occupational Therapy  provides:

assessment and intervention for children 0 – 16 with functional sensory processing or motor difficulties including difficulty with fine and gross motor skills, self care, daily routines and play.
assessment for school aged children with high or complex needs for home based equipment or housing modifications
assessment for safety issues in the home for children with challenging behaviours
Referrals to the service may be internal or external.

The sessions maybe cl…

Exclusion and stool clearance criteria guidelines

A guide for cases and contacts of food and waterborne illness prepared by the Public Health Unit, Waikato District Health Boardbased on the Ministry of Health “Communicable Disease Control Manual” (updated 2018). 

Exclusion and stool clearance criteria guideline

High risk groups
Food handlers
Staff of health care facilities or early childhood services
Children aged under five years attending childhood services or other groups
Older children or adults at higher risk due to illness or disability…

What steps do I need to take when considering long-term residential care for an older person?

If you are assessed as needing long-term residential care your needs assessor will give you a list of residential care facilities in your area. You have the right to choose any aged residential care provider in New Zealand with a DHB contract to provide your assessed level of care need. You can also find out about residential care facilities in your area through your local Age Concern office – find them in the phone book, or check for your local branch on their website.

Provides a comp…

How is HWNZ funding prioritised?

… leadership, specialist  and management positions. These applications receive high priority consideration for HWD funding.

* nurses who have completed the new graduate programme and are then doing their second year of practice

Population priorities
Aged Care
Maori health
Pacific peoples health
Primary Health
Rural health, mental health and addictions.
A career plan that has been discussed at latest performance review must be included as part of the HWD application process.


Annual remuneration - December 2020
Assaults - December 2020
Annual Leave RMOs - August 2020
Annual Leave SMO Response to RDA - August 2020
Annual Leave SMOs - August 2020
Annual Leave SMOs - July 2021
Aged Residential Care & General Beds - February 2022 
Assaults on Health Staff - February 2022
Alcohol Related Harm - May 2022
Assault Investigations - May 2022
Assaults - June 2022
Admissions via ED - July 2022
Applications for use of 1080 - January 2023 (Please note there are too many docume…

Non-DHB settings: NETP placement areas

These placements are jointly supported by the DHB and educator and preceptor teams working within these settings. NETP education days are provided at the Waiora Waikato Hospital site, alongside DHB based participants.

Waikato Hospice – one place.
Aged Residential Care – potential positions, numbers to be confirmed.
Corrections Service

An application via ACE is also required to be eligible for funding to undertake a graduate programme with Corrections.

If you are interested in a NETP position…