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Feedback and complaints

What matters to you is important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our services.

On our wardsThere are feedback forms and complaint forms available in all clinical areas. If you can’t find them, please ask our staff to get you one.

Click here to make a complaint
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07 834 3612


Feedback or complaints

... member or ask to speak to a manager e.g. charge nurse, clinical nurse leader or team leader in the department, clinic or ward. If they are not available, ask to speak to the duty manager.

Patient advocacy servicesIf you would like assistance to make a complaint or give feedback, or help advocate for your needs or rights, you can contact a patient advocacy service. 

How you can give feedback or make a complaintThere are feedback forms and complaint forms available in all clinical and ward area...

If you have concerns or need an advocate

... do if you are unhappy about the service you received from an organisation providing health or disability services.

Take your concerns directly to the person or organisation that provided the service. See the information on giving feedback or making a complaint.
Get help and support from friends, family/whānau to raise your concerns with the service.
Seek the support of a health and disability advocate or health consumer service. These people provide an independent and impartial service, and ca...

Feedback and complaints

... important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our services. All our wards and clinics have feedback cards so you can record your comments on the spot and know they will be seen by the nurse in charge of the ward.

You can also submit your feedback or complaint using our online forms:

Please feel free to raise any issues or concerns at the time with any member of your care team. If you are not happy with their response, ask to see the nurse in charge of the ward in the first instance.

If you...

How do I make a complaint about care provided by an agency or organisation to an older person?

In the first instance you could contact the service manager of the agency or organisation and discuss the issue with them. For example this may be the home and community support services agency manager in the Waikato local office; or the residential care facility manager.

Waikato DHB's Health of Older People
07 834 3646

Health and Disability Commissioner 
0800 11 22 33

Patient advocates

... informationThe Health Consumer Service is a group of trained, professional and approachable people who provide a free and confidential service for consumers who are concerned about the health care service they have received, feel they may need to make a medical complaint, or are confused about how the health system works and what they need to do.

The service has local representatives in the Health districts of Waikato, Tairawhiti, Lakes, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki, and covers any health servic...

Kaitiaki cultural support

... Hineiri Rangitutia
Oral Health

Maata McManus
Children Development Centre

Tina Baty
 Thames Hospital

Susan King
Taumarunui, Te Kuiti Hospital and Tokoroa Hospital

Cover being provided by Dale Marriott until a permanent appointment has been filled

If you have a complaint, stop, think, ask for complaint form, fill in, and be brief to the point, time, and detail how many persons involved, date, and your contact detail. Put in envelope provided and hand to staff or Kaitiaki.

Thank y...