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Please look through the help files first. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact SmartHealth health care professionals support. 


0800 100 481


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General enquiries
07 839 8899

All departments and services
07 839 8899

Postal address
Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Waikato 
Pembroke Street
Private Bag 3200
Hamilton 3240

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What about former employees?

Ex-employees will be able to register their contact details at a specifically established national website to ensure up-to-date contact information. This will make it easier for Waikato DHB to contact them should they be owed money. That website will be well publicised and a link placed on this page as soon as it is available. It will include FAQs for ex-employees.

Note: The review of payments goes back to 1 May 2010 only.

Current Waikato DHB employees do not register on the national registrat…

What do families need to do?

Get a referral to Bodywise - or contact Bodywise directly
Attend and participate in all sessions
Be committed to make healthy changes in your family