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Midland Region Community HealthPathways

... needs by clinicians looking to support clinical decision making.

How to access Midland Region Community HealthPathwaysIf you are a health professional in the Waikato region and would like to access the Midland Region Community HealthPathways please contact your Waikato DHB local coordinator via email at for a username and password or information on how to access directly via your clinical system or the Waikato DHB intranet (for DHB staff only).

Click he...

What happens when you come to Mothercraft?

Once we have received your referral, we will triage your referral and offer you and your baby a bed as soon as possible. We will then contact you to arrange a week that is suitable for you. Admission on Monday and discharge on Friday.

Your care

Once admitted your nurse will assess your history and discuss with you what your goals for admission are to develop a plan of care with you.  Often the first 24 hours is an assessment period of what is happening for you and your baby, the nurses will ne...

Orthotic Services

Orthotic ServicesWaikato DHB contracts a provider for its Orthotic services. The current (new) provider is Orthotic Services Waikato. The provider is responsible for the assessment for and fitting of orthotic products in liaison with the referring health professional.

Orthotic Services Waikato provides orthotic products generally to assist or restrict movement to aid rehabilitation or correct the shape or function of the body and they range from everything from postural supports, compression ai...

If you had a preterm birth in a previous pregnancy

... and what monitoring you will need.
If you smoke it is important to stop smoking as soon as possible in your pregnancy. Smoking greatly increases the risk of going into labour too early. You can talk to your midwife about what support is available or contact your local Once and For All stop smoking service.
Alcohol and recreational drug use (such as marijuana, synthetic cannabis and other drugs) is also linked with preterm birth. Talk to your midwife or GP if you have concerns about this.

Kaitiaki cultural support

... Cover being provided by Dale Marriott until a permanent appointment has been filled

If you have a complaint, stop, think, ask for complaint form, fill in, and be brief to the point, time, and detail how many persons involved, date, and your contact detail. Put in envelope provided and hand to staff or Kaitiaki.

Thank you your complaint helps us be better connected and better providers.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)The ACT Team provides a community based mental health service for tangata whaiora who experience mental illness and have related high and complex needs.

The ACT Team is comprised of registered health professionals (occupational therapy, social work, nursing, psychology, medical) who provide an assertive and intensive level of community mental health care and treatment to support tangata whaiora to live successfully in the community.

The Goal of ACTAssertive c...


... informed and to remain involved as the primary medical caregiver.

What information do we require?We need to know the tangata whaiora name, date of birth, NHI number, address, telephone number, cultural identity, level of intellectual disability and contact details of parents/whaanau and/or caregivers. In addition, a detailed outline of the specific mental health concerns that you have leading to the referral. Any accompanying information would be helpful such as

mental health history

Patient Blood Management

... speciality clinical nurses, working with a transfusion nurse specialist and a transfusion medicine specialist.

Patient information (LINK) 

Key personnelDr Scott Robinson
Clinical Lead

Lucia Best
Nurse Coordinator

LocationWaikato Hospital, Hamilton

Contact informationMob: 027 809 2133
Phone: 07 839 8899 Ext. 98521



ACP Facilitation Service for Waikato - Te Kōhao Health

... Te Kōhao Health Limited:  PROVIDER OF SERVICE

Phone:  0800 483 564 anytime


Team-leader:  Val Rippey

If you are a patient, individual, or whānau:

You or your whānau can self-refer, or ask your Kaiawhina (Carer) to contact Te Kōhao on your behalf.

Te Kōhao will:

Support you, and your whānau (family) with Kanohi ki te Kanohi (face to face) hui, where it suits you and whānau (family) to consider completing an ACP
Give each individual as much information and...