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Lippincott Procedures
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Cancer and Blood Research Trial Unit

Main areas of research

Medical Oncology Phase I-III: currently recruiting for melanoma, advanced solid tumours, non-small cell lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma, urothelial cancer, oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer.
Radiation Oncology: currently recruiting for bladder cancer.
Haematology, malignant and non-malignant: currently recruiting for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), multiple myeloma, paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH).
We also support in-house, investigator-lead trials.


... us.

Ordering Tinana Ora resourceWe will soon have a limited amount of Tinana Ora pads available (a pad includes 50 sheets double sided) 

To order please email
Subject heading: Tinana Ora
Content to include contact name, phone, postage address and number of pads being requested.
This option is only available for Waikato and there may be a small charge for non DHB requests.

Alternatively you can download the Tinana Ora tool as a pdf 

Tinana Ora Mo Nga...

Disability Support Services (DSS) 0 to 65

Disability Support Services (DSS) 0 to 65 years old Disability Support Services (DSS) is part of Disability Support Link (DSL), a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service for persons from birth to 65 years.

Note: Disability support for older people (65+) is managed through our Health of Older People (HOP) team

NASCs are organisations contracted by the Ministry of Health to

identify their strengths and support needs
outline what disability support services are available

Tokoroa Hospital

COVID-19: Visitor policy in Alert Level 1
Click here for more informationTokoroa Hospital is a rural hospital about 90 kilometres south of Hamilton. It serves the South Waikato area, and is part of the Waikato District Health Board.

Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building

COVID-19: Visitor policy in Alert Level 1
Click here for more informationThis facility was purpose-built for health services related to older people and for rehabilitation services. The building includes four wards and an outpatient clinic for the Older Persons and Rehabilitation service, as well as a ward and clinic area for Mental Health Services for Older People.

It is on Pembroke Street across the road from Waikato Hospital, and joined by a pedestrian overbridge to the other hospital buildi...

Mental Health and Addictions

... Taranaki and Bay of Plenty district health boards.

Mental health services are delivered throughout the Waikato DHB’s district by geographical sectors (North Central, North Rural, South Central and South Rural).

Health professionals: Summary of service contact details and referral addresses.

The Waikato DHB Mental Health & Addictions Strategy 2016 – 2021 is strongly aligned to the overall Waikato DHB Strategy and its values.

Adult Mental Health and Addictions
Inpatient services (Wards 34...


Main areas of research
The Anaesthesia research team has a broad range of experience. The research focus is in the peri-operative environment, working with the theatre and PACU teams. They are keen to work with different research departments within Waikato Hospital and to build collaborative partnerships on projects.

Current research areas of interest:

Regional anaesthesia

ESB Pilot Trial: Erector Spinae Blockade feasibility Study
PECs II Trial: PEC’s II blockade study on Patient Quality of R...

Radiation Therapy

Radiation TherapyRadiation Oncology is part of the Waikato Regional Cancer Centre and is located in the Lomas Building at Waikato Hospital. We serve a wide geographical area including patients from the Waikato, Lakes, and Tairāwhiti District Health Boards (DHB).

It is one of nine Radiation Oncology departments in New Zealand.

Our services are primarily used for treating cancer patients but radiation therapy can be an effective form of treatment for several other health conditions.
In 2019 1570...