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Community Breastfeeding Support Service

... age
Provided by Waikato Hospital based Lactation Consultants
You can access the service via your midwife, doctor, Plunket/Tamariki Ora nurse, Whanau Ora, Pasifika provider or Maternal/Baby hub. They can refer you.
If you live in Hamilton City you can contact the service directly - call/text 021 761 935 or (07) 839 8899 ext. 98196
Lactation consultants provide

Education and support
Appointment based community clinics
Support by phone, text, or email
Information on medications/medical procedures...

Memory Service

Memory ServiceThe Memory Service is a non-acute specialist diagnostic, treatment and support service for tanagata whaiora experiencing complex and unexplained progressive changes in their cognition such as memory. The team includes Psychogeriatricians, Clinical psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Community Mental Health Nurse and Social Worker.

We offer?

Expert clinical diagnosis
A thorough and sensitive assessment
Information on appropriate treatment options
Post diagnosis education, supp...

Manaaki Raatonga aa Iwi (formerly iRS)

Manaaki Raatonga aa Iwi (formerly iRS)Manaaki Raatonga aa Iwi supports Tangata whaiora to live well in their community by encouraging personal growth and developing skills in partnership with whaanau and the wider community. Our service has two sites, which are 107 Ohaupo Road, Melville and 232 River Road, Claudelands. Our staff include a mix of Occupational Therapy and Support Workers. We focus on individual re-covery goals which are supported by assessment. We also utilise community organisati...

How do I get to and from treatment?

We are located at the Waikato Hospital Campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

Levels 1 & B1, Lomas Building
Level 1: Simulation (planning CT scan) and Planning
Level B1: Treatment units, Radiation Oncologist clinic rooms and nurses station
Click here to see the campus map for directions.


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We recommend parking in the Hague Road car park building. Drive in through Hospital Gate 1 (off Pembroke Street) onto Hague Road.  The car par...

Waikato Hospital

COVID-19: Visitor policy in Alert Level 2
Click here for more informationWaikato Hospital is a tertiary hospital in Hamilton, New Zealand. It is located on the Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus.

Phone: 07 839 8899

Enquiries desksThere are two Enquiries desks at Waikato Hospital:

Enquiries desk by Emergency Department
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.30am to 5pm

Enquiries desk on Level 1 Meade Clinical Centre (MCC)
Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm 

Visitors can also get d...

Kidney donation

... the kōrero and consider if you have two healthy kidneys, could you GIVE ONE and GIFT LIFE with a live kidney donation?

If you are interested in donating a kidney a renal physician will explain the procedure and the risks of the surgery to you. Please contact the Regional Renal Centre on 0800 77 22 99 ask to speak to a renal transplant coordinator.


Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CCTVS)

Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CCTVS)Cardiology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery concerns all conditions related to heart, lung and blood vessels.

Waikato Hospital’s Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CCTVS) team provides a combination of cardiac, thoracic and vascular procedures in the one speciality area. The team includes cardiologists, cardiothoracic consultants, vascular consultants, registrars and house officers, interns, and ward staff includes a clini...


... provides assessment and treatment of mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum up to 12 months. In addition the service will see women experiencing significant distress related to grief, loss and birth trauma.

If urgent/crisis service required, please contact 0800 50 50 50 CAHT

Pregnancy Counselling Services

Ph: (07) 838 3076 / (0800) 773 462 / 07 855 5779 
Website: link)

Counselling and support for wo...

Waikato District

... across the community to improve community resilience.

Raglan Community House

Ph: 07 825 8142
Address: 45 Bow St, Raglan.

Offering a range of community services including budget service, counselling, hearing therapist, contact with Hamilton Community Law, information on support services, transport to medical appointments, community workshops, drop in centre and Bargain Basement Op Shop.

Y Suicide Support
Ph: 021 356 857
Offer an acute service of suppor...