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Contraception after birth

... ward.
Intra uterine device (IUD) - Copper or Hormonal (Mirena or Jaydess) is available for women having a planned caesarean section, talk to your doctor at your antenatal visit if this is of interest to you.
For all LARC contraception you will need to contact your GP or Hamilton Family Planning Clinic for removal/replacement. Visit the NZ Family Planning website for more information about LARCs.

Permanent sterilisation Postpartum permanent sterilisation, also known as having your tubes tied,...

Hamilton City

... Old Boys Rugby Club entrance (across from FMG Stadium).

Anyone over 12 can book. You do not need to be a NZ resident. For a booking please phone or email Robert Lavei 022 318 7151/ For Covid swabbing or testing, place contact Terereawai Kipa-Kearns 0225445030.

For general enquires, please ring Gade 022 461 47111
For Pacific emergency relief (food and other urgent needs), please call Moli 022 488 0294
For non-Pacific emergency relief (food and other urgent n...

Visiting rules and tips

... Department
One caregiver for paediatric areas
One support person for birthing facilities

All support people/caregivers need to report to Waikato DHB staff on arrival and must:

Use the NZ COVID Tracer app and scan codes displayed, or record details to ensure contact tracing can be carried out, if required 
Wear a face mask or covering
Observe strict hand hygiene and physical distancing
Follow the instructions of staff at all times
NOT have any COVID-19 symptoms or be otherwise unwell.  

We re...

Labour and birth care at Waikato Hospital during COVID-19 Level 3

... into labour 

When you go into labour ring your midwife (LMC) who will talk to you to assess what stage of labour you are in. Your LMC may also come and assess you at home. Your LMC will make arrangements to meet you in Delivery Suite.
If you cannot contact your LMC and you feel that your labour is progressing ring Delivery Suite 07 839 8899 and they will assess you, if you need to come in straight away they will make arrangements for your arrival.
Support people

You are welcome to bring one...

Ways to improve mental health and wellbeing

... then settle to sleep again.
Stay connected and keep in touch with families and friendsFeeling connected to people is an important part of staying well. It can help you feel confident and valued, and it can support you during difficult times. A lack of contact with others makes people feel lonely and disconnected.

Even if you are not contributing to conversations, stay around people.
Spend time on relationships you are interested in.
Care and support other people.
Talk to family and friends and...

Preterm prelabour rupture of membranes (PPROM)

... (two in 100) pregnancies there is premature prelabour rupture of membranes (PPROM) – when your waters break before labour begins and more than three weeks before your due date.

You may notice a gush of fluid, a slow leak or a trickle from your vagina. Contact your midwife or doctor straight away if this happens.

What causes PPROM?The cause of PPROM is unknown, however there is an increased risk of PPROM if:

you smoke cigarettes
you have had bleeding or an infection during pregnancy
your wa...

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Hamilton Sexual Health is a free-to-all and confidential specialist service for people living in the Waikato.

Providing non-judging compassionate care is our core value: we know STI & HIV-related stigma and shame strongly predict harm and our aim is to make it easier for you to get help.

We provide care around STIs, HIV and a range of other sexual health issues as well as gender-affirming care. We have close links with Waikato Hospital’s infectious disease team around the ma...

First trimester scanning

... to say no. It is also your right to be offered tests, including scans, that may improve outcomes for you and your baby. 

How to get a scanScans are done by referral from your midwife or GP. Some community ultrasound providers charge for some scans – contact them to ask about the price, or ask when you make the appointment. If you have a scan done at the hospital, there will be no charge to you.

Waikato community ultrasound providersBelow is a list of ultrasound providers in the Waikato. Vis...