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House officers and registrars

… your application to us, please send scanned documentation to the following email address:
Recruitment Coordinator
RMO Unit
Waikato Hospital
Private Bag 3200
New Zealand

Once an application is received
The Medical Recruitment Coordinator will contact you and discuss the allocation of rotations, how long you are wanting to stay and when you are thinking of commencing employment. At this stage we need to discuss any special requirements you may have e.g. if you want to return to the UK f…

Labour and birth care at Waikato Hospital during COVID-19

… into labour 

When you go into labour ring your midwife (LMC), who will talk to you to assess what stage of labour you are in. Your LMC may also come and assess you at home. Your LMC will make arrangements to meet you in Delivery Suite.
If you cannot contact your LMC and you feel that your labour is progressing, ring Delivery Suite on 07 839 8899 and they will assess you. If you need to come in straight away, they will make arrangements for your arrival.
Support people

You are welcome to brin…


… here.

Check your immunisation schedule for all vaccines?
The National Immunisation Schedule is the series of vaccines that are offered free to babies, children, adolescents and adults.

For more information visit New Zealand’s Immunisation Schedule, contact your GP or local pharmacy, or Freephone 0800 220 250.

Where to go for your vaccination?

You can get your vaccinations from participating pharmacies, GP practices or a community health provider.

Our mobile vaccination clinics are also of…


CAPS Hauraki Inc

Ph: 07 868 8644
Address: 732 B Queen Street, Thames
Website: link)

CAPS Hauraki also have offices in Coromandel and Paeroa and Mary Street, Thames – please contact the Thames office on 07 868 8644 or for an appointment

9am - 4pm 

Counselling & Social work support,  Youth Services, and  SASS ( Sexual Abuse Support Service) with a 24/7 help line 0800 88 33 00.

Family Safe…

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Main areas of research

The Cardiothoracic research team has the ambitious mission to conduct world-leading innovative translational research to improve the care of patients in New Zealand with cardiopulmonary disease.

The team plans to conduct research that improves care and outcomes for patients; reduces risk and complexity for surgeons; is needs responsive and tackles under-represented areas, such as aortic disease and rheumatic heart disease.

They are keen to work with different research d…