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Supporting resources

... the vaccine is online
The Ministry will be publishing a technical document on the administration of Mantoux tuberculin skin testing as part of the updated TB Guidelines. When available, it can be found here. 
If you have any further questions, please contact the Ministry’s Immunisation Team at

What if I want to withdraw?

If you are thinking of withdrawing from a paper please discuss with your manager and contact the nurse manager: workforce, Professional Development Unit, as soon as possible so personal implications can be discussed with you.  This may mean more support can be put around you which will assist and lead to success in the paper.

If it is agreed by all parties that the best solution is to withdraw from the paper, you must email both your manager and nurse manager: workforce, Professional Developmen...

Online enquiry form

Online enquiry formSelect your type of enquiry from the dropdown list below and complete the relevant information.


After a death

... not already know or do not know well.

Counselling servicesCounselling or psychological services are available. These services are funded by the Waikato District Health Board and can support anyone who has been bereaved as a result of suicide. PLease contact your GP about this option or contact

Funded bereavement support sessions pamphlet
Support groupJoining a support group as they can be very helpful in the grieving process. There are informal get toget...

Need help?

Your GP or medical centreFor non-urgent support/advice contact your general practitioner (GP) first. Your GP can send a referral to a Waikato mental health service. If you are not registered with a medical centre or don't have a GP/family doctor, contact our services direct at the numbers listed above.

Ministry of HealthThe Ministry of Health website has a good list of where to go to get help and support, for young people and people of all ages. This includes helplines, some great websites...

Pre-eclampsia warning signs

... issues early.
For more information about pre-eclampsia visit the pregnancy complications page on the Waikato DHB website.

The six major warning signs of pre-eclampsiaIf you are past 20 weeks pregnancy and start having even one of these warning signs, contact your midwife as soon as possible – do not wait until the following day. She will arrange for you to be checked out.

Upper abdominal pain.
Feeling unwell, nauseous or throwing up.
Blurry vision or seeing flashing lights.
Swollen hands and...

Preparing for hospital

... need, and who needs to know.

If you smoke, consider giving it up before your hospital stay as this will help your recovery. All our facilities and campuses are smokefree, but we offer nicotine therapy support for patients.
If you have any questions, contact us using the phone number provided in your booking letter.
If you misplace your letter, use the main hospital number.
Make your surgery or treatment a priority. If for any reason you are not able to come, you must let the service know as s...