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Perinatal Mental Health

... experienced previous birth trauma or still born loss who are currently experiencing mental health difficulties
We also provide a consultative secondary service to women who are current clients of other Mental Health & Addiction services.

We welcome contact from other agencies for perinatal advice.

Appointments occur in clinic, at the clients' home, or at another agreed venue.

New appointments are usually one hour to 90 minutes long; follow up appointments 30 minutes to one hour. Wom...

Institute of Healthy Ageing

The Institute of Healthy Ageing is a collaborative venture between Waikato District Health Board, the University of Auckland and the University of Waikato, and was launched in 2013. Its purpose is to facilitate the sharing of research and clinical expertise, and the development of research initiatives in the field of ageing, older people's health and rehabilitation. 

PatronSir Peter Gluckman

LocationInstitute of Healthy Ageing
Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building
Waiora Waikato Hos...

Home visits

... at home for the appointment.

What we ask you to do
Restrain and secure any dogs.
Do not smoke during our visits.
Advise us if there are any hazards that may be around your home or workplace.
Occasionally we may need to cancel a planned visit. We will contact you and arrange a new time. We will not cancel if it could compromise your care or recovery.

International Trauma Day competition

International Trauma Day competitionWin $100 in petrol vouchers.

This will be a random draw - the first correct entry drawn wins


Where do I go and who do I contact?

You need to be enrolled and make an appointment on 0800 270 200.

Eligible women in Waikato can have a free mammogram at two fixed sites in Hamilton or on one of the two mobile units:

Breast Care Centre, Waikato Hospital
Anglesea Women’s Health, Hamilton
Mobile breast screening service visits 24 towns. Click here to view the schedule.
Support to Screening Services are contracted to provide additional assistance to eligible women in the Waikato region.

Hauraki Primary Health Organisation – 07 3...

Are additional charges for Age-related Residential Care allowed?

The services that are not covered by the subsidy (that are not contracted care services) include:

Specialist visits (not publicly funded by the DHB or ACC)
Transport to other services or outside social functions
Toll calls (made by the resident)
Private phone or cellphone
Newspapers, books and magazines (personal)
Personal toiletries
Recreational activities, where those are not part of the normal programme
Dietitian, podiatrist or other services that have not been prescribed by a do...

Who can do the certificate training at Waikato DHB?

The Waikato DHB Level 3 Certificate programme is only for

people employed in healthcare support roles at Waikato DHB.This includes healthcare assistants (HCAs), support workers, kaiawhena in mental health services, rehabilitation assistants, maternity aides.
In some cases, people employed by another healthcare provider which has a contract with Waikato DHB.
Other providers/employers who are interested in using the Careerforce NZ Level 3 Certificate in Health and Wellbeing should contact: