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Professional supervision

... supervision and cultural mentorship for employees of Waikato DHB can be accessed through the Nursing and Midwifery Professional Development Unit.  If you wish to access this please discuss with your CNM/ CMM who will then be able to provide you with the contact details of the Nurse Co-ordinators who facilitate these processes.

Within professional supervision options, there is an activity called Structured Reflection.  This requires a referral process and is initiated through the CNM/CMM to the...

Children's ear clinic

... assessment and management, wax/foreign body removal, grommet checks, treatment of discharging ears.

All children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, otherwise a consent form must be completed.

For enquiries regarding this service please contact the phone numbers listed below for each location or call our Hamilton clinic on 07 838 3565

Please note clinics and mobile clinics may be cancelled without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Clinic will be closed for staff breaks. Th...

Your clinic appointment

... Waikato Hospital clinic appointments and home again. The list shows the community transport providers who are contracted to provide these services and where the services go from and to. 
Allow plenty of time to get here.
If you have any queries, please contact the clinic phone number that is given in your appointment letter.
If you are not able to come, you must let the clinic know as soon as possible. We will reschedule your appointment for a future date.

If you have misplaced your letter, co...

Strategy and Funding

... national level with the Ministry of Health, and other DHBs.

Key personnel
Tanya Maloney
Executive Director Strategy and Funding

Level 9, KPMG Building
85 Alexandra Street

Phone: 07 838 8899

Health providers/contractors can contact us at:
Phone: 07 834 3646
Fax: 07 839 4327

Alcohol and fertility

... so women are advised not to drink any alcohol at all if they think they might be pregnant, are pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant. 

If you have any concerns about your alcohol drinking, or want help to stop drinking, you can talk to your GP or contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797 or free text 8681 and they will text you back for a free confidential conversation. The helpline is staffed 24/7, is anonymous, and gets you through to a qualified alcohol counsellor or social worker...


... for those new to New Zealand we give them a copy of Hamilton City Council's Hamilton New Settlers Guide which is updated annually. These publications are available on the Hamilton City Council website and contain useful and general contact details and information.

Waikato’s RMO Pocketbook - an orientation guideStarting at a new hospital has its challenges – where to go, who to contact, policies and guidelines, forms to fill out, procedures to follow, to name but a few. Wai...

Public Health Nurses

... Homes/Whare Ora assessments
Education and information (for staff and students) in preschools and schools
Assessment and referral to other services, health or social
B4 School checks
Continence assessment; bed wetting, soiling .
Communicable disease; contact tracing, screening and follow-up of cases
Health promotion and awareness
Individual health referral
Referrals for "Did Not Attend" appointment follow up
LocationPublic health nurses are located at most community bases across the Wa...

Mental Health Service for Older People (MHSOP)

... 8737

Crisis ServiceMental Health Service for Older People aims to provide an urgent response to all tangata whaioraover 65 years during the hours 0830 – 1630 (4.30pm) Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm. For an urgent response outside these hours, please contact the Crisis Assessment and Home Based Treatment Team (CAHT) on 0800 50 50 50

This service is often provided in conjunction with the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team.

Recreational water

... for cyanobacteria (a toxic algae). Results of this testing are available on the Waikato Regional Council website. 

Look out for warning signs at the lakes
Check  Waikato DHB public health alerts 
Where warnings are in place people are advised to avoid contact with the water, and to shower and change their clothes as soon as possible afterwards if they do have contact with the water.
Don’t swim in any water that is murky or has a musty smell, or if the river/lake bed or rocks are covered in lea...