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... health issues.  This service is available all day and every day and anyone who calls will be referred to the appropriate treatment or support service.  Can be through referrals from GP, family, friends or by self.

Child Youth and Family

Ph: 0508 326 459
Address: 9th Floor, Anglesea Towers
Cnr Anglesea and Collingwood Streets


Citizens Advice Bureau

Ph: (07) 839 0395 / (07) 839 0808 
55 Victoria Street, Hamilton

Environmental health

Waikato DHB's Health Protection service works closely with other regional and local organisations such as the Waikato Regional Council to monitor and manage environmental health.

Contact Email: 
Phone: 07 838 2569

Feedback and complaints

... services.

On our wardsThere are feedback forms and complaint forms available in all clinical areas. If you can’t find them, please ask our staff to get you one.

Click here to make a complaint
Click here to send us feedback

07 834 3612


Is it possible for me to send a Waikato DHB job to a friend?

Yes. As you view the job opportunity, if you scroll below that page, you will see a button that will allow you to email the job details to a friend. Follow the instructions on screen and within seconds, that particular job opportunity will be sent to your friend. 

Even better, get your friend to profile themselves with Waikato DHB and they, too, can be notified of suitable vacancies as they are advertised.