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Going into labour

… labour at home
Once contractions become fairly regular, write down the time between each contraction, and how long each contraction lasts.
Call your midwife when you are fairly sure you are in labour.
Distract yourself with television or Netflix, play a board game, or do crosswords.
Relaxation and visualisation – breathe in gently, sigh out slowly, think positive thoughts.
Stay mobile, go for short walks.
Release tension with a massage for your neck and shoulders.
Have a warm bath or shower.


… connection.

Pathways Health Ltd

Ph: 07 857 1203
Address: Kakariki House
293 Grey Street, Hamilton East

Provides community-based mental health and wellness services.

Perinatal Mental Health Service, Waikato District Health Board

Ph: (07) 858 0924
Address: 222 Pembroke Street, Hamilton

8.30am - 4.30pm

The Perinatal Mental Health Service provides assessment and treatment of mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum up to 12 months. In addition the…