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Can I get vaccinated if I'm pregnant?

... a live vaccine, we don’t expect there will be any problems getting a vaccination if you are pregnant. There’s no clinical data for pregnant women as they weren’t part of the clinical trials.

Our advice is that pregnant women at high risk of catching COVID-19 (e.g. border workers or if there is widespread transmission in the community) should get advice from a health professional (e.g. family doctor or midwife) about the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

However, in women at lower ri...

How do I make sure the people I'm responsible for are ok?

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I don’t have symptoms but I believe I have been in contact with someone who has, can I get tested?

... done in people who do not have symptoms. A medical professional either at Healthline or at the centre can determine whether you need testing, based on the information you provide. Only attend the centre if you have symptoms.

For general guidance on COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has good information and resources for you to stay safe:

The vaccination is safe

... then, millions of people around the world of all different ages, gender and ethnicities have received the vaccine with great results. From these studies, we know that the vaccine has a good safety record.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will not give you COVID-19. There is no possibility it could affect your DNA/genes. The chance of you having a severe allergic reaction is very rare, but if you do our vaccinators have been trained to respond immediately and know exactly what to do.

The Pfizer/Bio...

May 2020

Summary of Consumer Council Meeting - May 2020

This month Dr Kevin Snee, Chief Executive Waikato DHB attended and updated the Council on matters around Covid 19 and the impact on patients and the services provided.  

Also attending was the Acting GM Strategy and Funding who provided an update on services and works happening around the hospital and the Waikato area. 

An update was provided on the rebuild of the Waikato DHB Mental Health and Addictions inpatient unit.  Patient and whānau engag...

How do I lead my remote team?

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